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Spelt & Honey Sliced Bread

At David’s Bakery Gozo we are committed to providing you with the best for your health. Our new addition the Spelt & Honey Sliced Bread is white flour free, preservative-free, and made from natural ingredients.
Apart from that, all our bread are all GMO-free. This sandwich bread is made from spelt cereal flour. It is a source of fibre, protein and lactose-free. Spelt facilitates digestion and controls cholesterol level and diabetes. It boosts bone health.
Although it is made with honey a natural sweetener, it is very low in sugars in fact it contains only 3.8 grams per 100 grams

. Honey contains pristine benefits such as lowers blood pressure and helps with digestive issues. It is also very well known for its antibacterial properties.
We strive to continue to launch such innovative products that are both great tasting and also excellent for our health. You can buy this product from leading supermarkets and mini-markets across the Maltese islands and also on our online shop on this website. Order online from our store or through our apps on google play store or apple store and on the comment section write SPELT and you will get a free Spelt & Honey Sliced Bread with your order.

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